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CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 65, First Quarter 2017

The Microscope (ISSN 0026-282X) is an international peer-reviewed journal founded by Arthur Barron in 1937 and dedicated to the advancement of all forms of microscopy for the biologist, mineralogist, metallographer or chemist.

No matter what the field of research, the microscope is always a useful adjunct and often an essential tool. A successful journal for microscopists must, therefore, interest and benefit scientists from a wide spectrum of fields. The Microscope accomplishes this by emphasizing new advances in microscope design, new accessories, new techniques, and unique applications to the study of particles, films, or surfaces of any substance. Its readership includes microscopists from a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, forensic science, environmental services, materials-analysis consulting firms, academia, conservation, and government labs.

A major source of papers for The Microscope is the Inter/Micro conference held each year in Chicago. Read more about Inter/Micro.

Brian J. Ford is the author of the Critical Focus column, published quarterly in The Microscope journal. Ford has given his Evening with Brian presentations at Inter/Micro for almost 30 years.

The journal is also open to papers from other meetings or papers written expressly for publication.

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The Microscope is published quarterly by Microscope Publications, a division of McCrone Research Institute.
ISSN 0026 282X

Dr. Gary J. Laughlin, Editor

Previous Editors:
Robert M. Weaver (2004-2005)
David A. Stoney (1996-1999, 2001-2004)
Walter C. McCrone (1965-1995, 2000)
Harold M. Malies (1962-1965)
Arthur L.E. Barron (1937-1962)


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