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Workshop: Image Processing and Measurement

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Thursday – Friday, ┬áJune 15 – 16

Taught by Dr. John C. Russ

Images are a primary source of information in many fields of science, and especially in microscopy. This two-day workshop, taught Dr. John C. Russ, will emphasize the tools, methods, and workflow used to extract relevant and accurate information from digitized images through the step-by-step application and comparison of algorithms. A variety of images, many of typical specimens such as polished metal surfaces, biological thin sections, microscopic particles on slides, and SEM and TEM images will be studied in the hands-on exercises. Several different public domain and commercial software programs will be used to process and measure images. Students will also learn image-correction techniques such as adjustments for color, brightness, contrast, illumination, and noise reduction. Special attention will be given to comparing different algorithms and explaining their operation. Participants will receive a copy of The Image Processing Cookbook for use as a text for the workshop. This publication explains and illustrates the image processing and some of the measurement, and covers the operations using ImageJ, Matlab, ImageProPlus, Photoshop, etc. that will be covered in the workshop.

What to bring to the workshop

The Inter/Micro 2017 workshop will be held at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago. Class size is limited, so please register early.

The fee includes a copy of John Russ’s The Image Processing Cookbook, lunch and refreshments for both days.

About the Instructor

Dr. John C. Russ is a world-leading expert in digital image processing and analysis for a variety of disciplines. He is an emeritus professor in the Department of Materials Science and Technology, College of Engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. During his 50-year career, Dr. Russ has focused on imaging for technical, scientific, and forensic applications, and on studying the microstructure and surface topography of metals and ceramics. He is the author of many books, including The Image Processing Handbook, Image Analysis of Food Microstructures, and Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging. He currently teaches imaging workshops worldwide, consults with companies, and provides expert testimony in criminal and civil cases. In 2006, the New York Microscopical Society honored Dr. Russ with the Ernst Abbe Memorial Award for his contributions to the field of microscopy as a developer of computer-assisted microscopy and image analysis. This year, Inter/Micro and the State Microscopical Society of Illinois will honor Dr. Russ with the 2017 August Köhler Award.